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What is the World Of Riders game project and what makes it unique.

Virtual Reality

World of Riders supports Gear VR and Oculus Rift, creating an immersive cardio exercising environment.


Our game system allows players to compete and cooperate with more than ten concurrent users.

Cycle Trainers

World of Riders uses stationary bicycles as its main controller.


About the game

World Of Riders is a hybrid, online, multiplayer, exergame developed for virtual reality and mobile platform.
Have fun exercising with friends in World of Riders

In World of Riders, players work together to defeat a monster. The battle happens in a circular lake, players need to collect missiles and use cannons to shoot them at the monster.

The monster is always pushing the players away from him towards the spiky rocks in an attempt to hurt the player. It's necessary to paddle in the cycle trainer to overcome this force. The faster a player paddle the closer he gets to the boss.

All players are in the same lake working together to overcome the monster. Its possible to communicate with other players through quick emoticons as well as pass the missile if needed.

At the end of the match everybody gets ranked based on how they performed during the battle. There is a rank for damage dealt, missiles passed, heal and more..

  • Battle!

    Work together with other players to defeat a monster and conquer the lake!

  • Fun to Exersice

    While playing you are also performing a high intensity exercise routine.

  • Social Interaction

    Don't exercise alone, help and get help from others. Conquer the lake together!

  • Leaderboards

    Show others how seriously you exercise and how helpful you can be to your team. Use your rating to get you and your team into bigger challenges!


Born from the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences at Michigan State University this is our noble team
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Lead Developer
Game Designer
Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Lucas is a Computer Engineer that likes to develop games and play around with micro-controllers. He holds a Human Computer Interaction Masters degree and Serious Game Design certificate by Michigan State University
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Lead Designer
UI Designer
Originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Anya specialty is UI Design and management, she holds a Human Computer Interaction Master degree and Serious Game Design Certificate by Michigan State University
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Assistant Professor
Dr. Taiwoo Park is originally from South Korea. It’s currently a professor at Michigan State University and founder of the Exergame Lab.
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IREM Yildirim

Originally from Turkey, Irem Yildirim is a computer engineer with experience developing games for Unity. Currently enrolled at the Masters program at Michigan State University.

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