Obtaining the MAC Address from an Oculus GO device.

Recently I needed to obtain the MAC address from an Oculus GO device, from inside an Unity script.

private string GeMacAddress()

Here is what I did.

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Virtual Reality Charging Cart

As we continue to make progress on our pledge to improve education through immersive experiences. It was needed to develop a cart that would be used to transport and store headsets inside a classroom, with a capacity of up to 40 headsets this is Virtual Immersive School’s first VR cart.

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Experimenting with Virtual Reality and Education

Since November 2018 I’ve been developing a project with a good friend that aims to improve education in schools in Brazil. We believe it’s possible to make traditional classes more engaging by briefly introducing the class content in virtual reality. Through a guided tour around different scenarios students are able to paint a picture of the importance of the subject better engaging in class after the experience.

So far results have been heart warming and very rewarding..

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AWS, WebGL and Unity

AWS, WebGL and Unity

This document present an approach to use AWS’s DynamoDB with an Unity WebGL application. At the moment Amazon doesn’t offer an SDK that supports Unity’s WebGL,  the only supported platforms are Android and iOS. 

In order to communicate with the DynamoDB this Unity project performs Javascript calls from the browser, and  uses the AWS Javascript SDK for browsers.


This guide will result in an Unity WebGL application that can: read, update, insert and delete data into an remote DynamoDB table.

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Google Earth VR Movement

Hi there,

Have you ever tried Google Earth VR?

It’s an amazing software, very immersive and well done.

I specially like how smooth the VR movement happens. To reduce sickness they shrink the edges of the screen when you move. That effect is called Tunneling.

Recently I was hired to create a similar effect using Unity and VRTK. The result should be an easy to use prefab.

The result looks great and it was very fun and easy to make. Check the video below!

Level Design Tools

Hello everybody,

I’ve been playing around with the Unity Custom Editor libraries and made a couple tools for boosting level design productivity at Smash Mountain Studio.

We used it on the development of this scenario.

You can see more about it in this fast-paced video that I made.

[Tutorial] Networking Quick Start Guide – Creating a Lobby

Networking Quick Start Guide – Creating a Lobby

This document is an easy start guide to unity networking API. I’ll show how to create a simple game that will contain a lobby, players will be able to create and join matches. The idea is to cover the basics of the networking lobby, such as, how to create a match (using the matchmaking system), join a match, list results on the interface and more.


The result of this tutorial is a lobby scene that allow players to create or join a match. Once two players have been connected to the same match, the lobby automatically transfer both to a play scene. The networked game should run on the play scene.

Screenshot of the lobby.

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[Tutorial] Playing with Meshes Part I – Vertices and triangles

Playing with Meshes Part I – Vertices and triangles

In this tutorial I’ll explain how to create a plane from a script using Unity 3D. During this process I’ll teach how vertices and triangles are used to create a Mesh. This is the first tutorial of a series that I will be making on 3D geometry.


This tutorial is a intro to meshes and how to construct them. It will cover, vertices, triangles and mesh density. The result of this tutorial is a script that is able to create plane meshes at runtime. It’s possible to define the mesh length and also its density (amount of triangles and vertices).

Screenshot of the generated plane.

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[Tutorial] Mixing Mobile Camera and 3D Geometry  

Mixing Mobile Camera and 3D Geometry  

In this post I’ll explain how to access your mobile camera through Unity API and mix video and 3D geometry on the same application.


The result of this tutorial is an Android app that will capture information from the camera and directly play it on the phone screen. On top of the video there will be rendered a custom 3D model.

Screenshot of the application, the watch is a 3D model being rendered on top of the video.

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It’s been a while..

I’ve been away from a while working on personal projects and for the company that I founded with a friend. The Smash Mountain Studio (Click here to check our website!).

I hope to start posting more to this blog from now on.