Drop is a concept controller with a prototype game. The idea behind this project was to create a controller that could be used for hand rehabilitation. The controller is made using a simple breadboard, an Arduino board and a hand grip exerciser.



The Motivation

Hand grip exercisers have been around for a long time, they are used by musicians, bodybuilders and athletes. Those exercisers have a lots of applications like strength training, hand and arm rehab, muscle grow and coordination training. This project motivation was to make the hand habitation process more enjoyable through the use of a video game.


The Prototype Game

During the game players need to press the buttons of the hand exerciser in a certain order and rhythm in order to water plants. The player can set the speed and which fingers will be used during the match.


3 Play


The Rehab Exercises

The nature of the exercise controller, allows it to address two types of hand exercises:  power grasp and individualization. 

Power grasp is the ability to grab an object with your whole hand, using all fingers at once. In the picture below there is an example of power grasping a ball.


Individualization exercises consist of training each finger or set of fingers at once. An example could be pinching, pressing with strength the index finger against the thumb finger.