‘How Shallow are You?’ is a mobile party game where players are ranked based on how superficial they are.

The game is played in turns. Each turn a player selects a quirk, the others must ask him questions to understand the extend of the quirk.

As the player with the quirk answer the questions, he/she should judge which player seems the least troubled with the quirk.

The game collects the ratings given by the player with the quirk, and after some turns,  evaluates the most shallow of the players.



The development of ‘How Shallow Are You?’ took 3 weeks. For this game I was hired as a freelancer developer by a game designer.

I was responsible for the gameplay programming, backend system, in-game advertisement and user interface art.



Backend System

It was required that players could submit quirks to the game. Those would need to be reviewed by the game designer before going live.

In order to make that possible I created a backend system, where the designer could see all quirk submissions and select which ones would become live.

The game database was done using Firebase. In game adds were done using AdMob.