Incoviz is a set of tools to create interactive and customized virtual reality experiences for the real estate market. The project was developed using Unity3D and the HTC VIVE platform.

Several marketing projects were developed using the Incoviz system. This project was developed while I was part of Smash Mountain Studio, company I co-founded.




This project was developed by a team of five. Two programmers, two artists and a product owner.

I was responsible for designing and developing the UI systems, controller movements and interactions. I also assumed the role of SCRUM master, organizing and teaching SCRUM to the team.


STR Virtual Tour

STR Virtual Tour was a very complete tour developed with the Incoviz system. The user could explore all the common areas of the building, take elevators and interact with objects.

During the experience there were Information Spots with key marketing details. In addition there were a suggested tour for the user to follow.

All the experience information was connected in an virtual menu. Where players could check how much progress was done on the experience and what is left to check.


Luxury Yacht Cabin

On this project we created a luxury Yacht Cabin experience. This project was meant to display the design of a naval architect on boat show.

The key challenge on this project was allowing the user to pick its preferred design options for the cabin. Selecting items to his liking.

It was developed a desktop and a virtual reality version, below it’s a walk through of the desktop version.


Aqwa Offices

Aqwa Offices was the very first experience created using the Incoviz system. It was made to showcase offices being sold by Tishman Speyer.

It was possible to walk through the office and customize simple items like carpet and wall color as well as chair arrangement.

As it’s possible to see in the video the project still uses Incoviz early UI system and controllers.


Docks Residential Tour

A simple tour on the beautiful shared area of an residential building in Rio de Janeiro. This very short project was created with the early versions of Incoviz.