This project was a marketing stunt for a brand-name juice company that was showcased at the YAS mall in Abu Dhabi.

Shoppers could stop and play a 1-2 minutes virtual reality bicycle race across the middle east desert, finishing on a beach.

Per request of the company, the user interface was modified and branding was removed in order to be showcased on this website. The unmodified version can be seen at this website.


The marketing company PearlQuest Interactive (Dubai) hired me as a freelancer developer. The project duration was three weeks.

I was responsible for all the development. Including game programming, user interface art, electronics programming and assemble.

The 3D models used were bought from the Unity Asset Store.


Marketing & Promoter System

The marketing message ‘Quench your thirst and refresh.’ were on banners and billboards throughout the race.

It was also developed a user interface for the promoter to control the race and input the player information.

At the end of the race the player would be ranked based on the time taken to finish the race. Players would get an email at the end with their score and rank position for the day.


Real Bicycle Controller

Players would use a real bicycle as the controller pedaling would make them progress across the game world.

This was created using a Hall Sensor with magnets to detect the RPM, which was translated into speed on the game.