Exercising is fun.


The project idea was to use regular exercise bicycles as controllers for a multiplayer game. In that way players can have a fun while exercising. (Access the game website)



Virtual Reality

The game uses virtual reality to free players from the need of holding any sort of controller and also provide an immersive environment so they can forget they are exercising.



Interval Training

The game attack and movement mechanics makes the player exercise in a High Intensity Interval Training routine, which guarantees an efficient workout by playing the game.


The Game

The battle happens in a circular lake, players need to collect missiles and use cannons to shoot them at the monster. The monster is always pushing the players away from him towards spiky rocks in an attempt to hurt the player. It’s necessary to paddle in the cycle trainer to overcome this force. The faster a player paddle the closer he gets to the boss.


.All players are in the same lake working together to overcome the monster. Its possible to communicate with other players through quick emoticons as well as pass the missile if needed. At the end of the match everybody gets ranked based on how they performed during the battle. There is a rank for damage dealt, missiles passed, heal and more..




World of Riders was selected to take part at the CHI Play Conference 2016 and at the Meaningful Play Conference 2016. More information can be found at the article on this link: http://www.souzacodes.com/world-of-riders-exercising-is-fun/